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drawbar pull 2205/10000 Ibs/N
towing capacity 45000 daN(Kg)
Power Unit Diesel
Operatin type Rider tow truck
Tire type Pneumatic
Wheels(X-driven) [front/rear] 2./2


Overall Dimensions (L) [Length] 110/3056 in/mm
Overall Dimensions (w) [width over tire] 46/1164 in/mm
Overall Dimensions (H) [Height,with cab 92/2340 in/mm
Overall Dimensions (h6) [Hook height Max] 26.3/670 in/mm
Overall Dimensions (h5) [Hook height Min] 19.7/500 in/mm
Overall Dimensions (h7) [Seat height] 44.5/1130 in/mm
Overall Dimensions (S) [Step height] 16/415 in/mm
Turning Radius (Wa) [outside] 97/2460 in/mm
Turning Radius(r) [Inside] 25.5/650 in/mm
Intersection aisle(Wm) [Widths,Minimum] 84/2140 in/mm



Speed MAX [Travel speed,with load] 22 km/h
Speed MAX[Travel speed ,without load] 22 km/h
Speed on 10% grade [with load] 12 km/h
Speed on 10% grade [without load] 22 km/h



Tyres [number front/rear] 2./2
Tyres [size front] 6.00x9 in/mm
Tyres [size rear] 7.00x12 in/mm
Wheelbase (Y) 64/1630 in/mm
Track(B1)[front] 38/964 in/mm
Track(B2)[rear] 37.8/961 in/mm
Ground Clearance (m2) 8.5/215 in/mm
Ground Clearance (m1) 6.5/165 in/mm
Service Brake [Actuation/type] 4wheel drum
parking Brake [Actuation/type] Mecanical



Drive Line
Battery [Volts/cold cranking amps] 12/120 V/Ah
Engine [Manufacturer] ITM CO.
Engine [Model] 4/236-Motorsazan
Engine [Rated output] 76.4/59/2600 hp/kw/rpm
Engine [Torque] 260/1400 Nm/rpm
Engine [Speed,maximum governed] 2600 rpm
Engine [Cycle/Cycle/cc. displacement No/No/cm3 4/4/3860 No/No/cm3
Gearbox [type of gearchange] convertor and power shift
Gearbox [No firstgear/reverse] 1./1
Gearbox [Type] Hydrodynamic

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      • Electric , diesel and LPG tow trucks with traction capacity up to 45 ton
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